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Experience the Difference: Why TallyPrime 4.0 is the Best Accounting Software

Tally has evolved through multiple versions, each of which has improved functionality and user friendliness. Its flagship product is Tally ERP 9, which was replaced by TallyPrime. The performance of TallyPrime is greater than that of Tally ERP 9, so the user can perform tasks quickly and without any interruptions. This results in a better user experience and efficiency for your businesses. Now Tally has released its new version, TallyPrime 4.0.

Is it necessary to upgrade TallyPrime 4.0?

No, it is not necessary to upgrade to TallyPrime 4.0. You can continue using the old version, but they have stopped all feature updates for the older versions. It has so many exciting features to simplify the reporting experience with seamless data interaction.

Highlights of TallyPrime 4.0

Now let us see the main TallyPrime 4.0 features:

1. Graphical Dashboard

2. WhatsApp Integration for Sending Messages

3. Import Data from MS Excel

Graphical Dashboard

TallyPrime 4.0 offers a report dashboard in an intuitive visual format. It is fully flexible and customizable to suit every business's and user's requirements. You can create different dashboards apart from the default sales and purchase dashboards. You can analyze visual data and seamlessly add or hide multiple reports as separate tiles, arrange each tile to meet various needs, and interact with each tile. Whether you are a business owner, consultant, or manager, you can make data driven decisions by analyzing and comparing the graphs, charts, expense patterns, etc. This will help you enhance your business's growth. You can also print and share dashboards via email or WhatsApp.

The main benefits of graphical dashboard

- Smart decision making

- Manage your business's health and improve the growth

- Unlock additional time

WhatsApp Integration for Sending Messages

Now your Tally would speak. This is the another important and existing feature to use. This feature will provide instant communication with your customers via WhatsApp for business. Experience the communication innovations that the market offers. You can send documents from TallyPrime to one or more clients with a single click. Also, you can send invoices, QR codes, and reminder letters via WhatsApp for instant payments.

The main Benefits of WhatsApp for Business

- Secure sharing documents and reports

- Personalized communication allows

- Real-time engagement

- Improve efficiency with the "WhatsApp voucher after save"

Don't miss this opportunity to experience the next level of accounting software. Start your free trial today:


Import Data from MS Excel

This feature ensures that data from MS Excel is imported to TallyPrime in a few steps in a swift and secure manner. It will not depend on the order of the data; TallyPrime 4.0 is fully flexible to support it. You can also use any default templates/sample Excel files.

The main Benefits of Import Data from MS Excel

- Import Accounting Masters and Vouchers

- Import Inventory Masters and Vouchers

- Payroll Masters and Vouchers

TallyPrime Edit Log Release 4.0 will bring you immense happiness and delight with a graphical dashboard, WhatsApp integration for business, and the ability to import data from MS Excel. With TallyPrime 4.0, organizations can manage their operations in a more proactive, connected, and intelligent manner. The wait is over; elevate your business game now!


1How much does it cost to upgrade to TallyPrime 4.0?

Get a free upgrade to TallyPrime 4.0 when your TSS membership is still active. If your TSS subscription has expired, renew it. .

2 How do I install TallyPrime 4.0?

Installation instructions are provided by Tally Solutions on their official website or in the TallyPrime 4.0 software documentation.

3What are the other highlights of TallyPrime 4.0?

Now that you can print an invoice for a party with the previous and current balances, as appropriate at the time of printing, invoice printing is even more result-oriented.

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