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Whether a company is large or small, it needs a trouble-shooter to ensure that the business is running with minimum downtime. You need a trusted partner to help you with your Tally implementation needs, customization, training and subsequent maintenance requirements.

Onsite Support

Different business types demand different features of Tally to be activated. Deploying your new Tally Prime license on your system and configuring its features according to your business requirements is done by us so that you get all necessary features and controls activated before you start using the product.

We Support 6 days a week and provide extended support in evening and on weekends on Telephone and Online.


Tally Prime comes built with an incredible range of features, functions and capabilities required for business of varied sizes - be it small, medium or large. However, businesses irrespective of their size have their own unique processes and business problems, which can be effectively solved with simple solutions built on Tally Prime.

Using Tally's scripting language Tally Definition Language (TDL), the capabilities of Tally Prime can be dramatically extended to develop solutions for the most complex business problems.

This is a small list of simple customization offered on Tally Prime:

  • Invoice Printing, Payment Advice Printing, Voucher Printing, etc. in pre-preprinted or plain formats
  • Employee pay structure management
  • Various security related controls like Voucher Type wise Entry Control, control the table of selection based on users like Sales persons can view only Debtors Ledgers, etc.
  • Creation of multiple Approval Levels
  • Tracking the Voucher right from creation to details of last alteration like User Name, Reason for Altering, altered date, etc
  • Convert Multiple Delivery Notes (of a Party) to single Sales Invoice automatically (based on user selection in report displaying list of delivery notes pending)
  • Automatic Bank Reconciliation from external sources
Tally Prime Customization UAE


  • There are many hundreds of custom applications developed by ISV's to cater to specific needs - right from SMS notifications to complete process management and control.
  • Existing IT solutions can also be integrated with Tally Prime to deliver great value to your operational efficiency and reduce redundancy.
  • Tally Prime can be customized to exchange information seamlessly either in online mode or in batch mode with other discrete applications and devices. For e.g., a sale entry or a summary of all daily sales made in a POS retail solution can be interfaced and pushed to Tally Prime as a sales transaction.

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Data Migration

Migrating Data from Other Data source or if you are using an old version of Tally and would like to upgrade to new version, your data needs to be transferred under proper guidance to avoid unwanted loss of Data. Our Experienced service team will help you to get it done properly.

Tally Data Migration in UAE