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Tally Prime Silver

Where a single computer with Tally Prime is adequate for your operations, the Silver edition is what you need. A ‘user’ in this context is actually a computer system.

Tally Server 9

Tally.Server 9 is an enterprise-class product for medium and large sized businesses whose pace of growth requires them to invest in IT infrastructure that improves business efficiencies.

Tally Software Services

Regular product updates ensure that your Tally Prime caters to your ever changing business requirements.


1What is the difference between tally prime and tally ERP?

Tally has been enhanced through various versions. These versions aim at bringing greater efficiency and convenience. Tally prime features a completely new look and feel but it is very familiar to tally ERP 9 which is an older version. So basically if you gonna download tally prime for your accountant as well as for owners you will get a more effortless version.

2 Tally prime used for?

Tally prime mainly features inventory management, creating insightful business reports, banking, GST transactions, accessing online business data, and many other features with the ability to multitask..

3Is Tally Prime Gold free to download??

With Tally Solution, you can try Tally Prime for free for 7 days. If you want to try Tally Prime for a single user, you can download Tally Prime Silver or if you need a multi-user experience, you can download Tally Prime Gold.

4 How many countries use Tally software?

With its simplified function, over 2 million people use Tally in over 100 countries. Tally is currently installed in every part of the world..