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How can Tally help your business grow, faster?

Tally Prime is a complete business management software that enables you to manage all aspects of your business such as accounting, inventory, taxation, payroll and much more. With everything taken care of, you now have time to focus on the most important goal - to grow your business, faster! Tally Prime released its new version, Tally Prime 4.0 It comes with enhancements to your overall e-invoicing and GST return filing experience.

Tally Prime Highlights


No matter what's the size of your business or to which industry it belongs, Accounting and Finance are crucial to its functioning.


Stay up-to-date with your inventory level and at all times and effectively track your stock at a single or multiple locations.


Managing job work and tracking raw material consumption are essential for all manufacturing entities.


Tally.Prime Payroll module is a Highly flexible for customizing methods of Salary calculations and frequency of disbursal for varied type of business.


Tally Banking Simplify Day-to-day Bank related chores right to your fingertips and eases transactions and processing.

VAT & Other Features

Work Smart with Tally.Prime !
A perfect solution with full of features to accelerate the growth of your business includes Value added Tax.

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